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Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinical Pictures courtsey of Bechara Ghorayeb, M.D.

some photographs may be considered
graphic by some individuals.

Dallas ENT

Hearing loss - including hearing testing, medical and surgical treatments
Ear infections - including placement of ear tubes
Surgical treatment of chronic ear infection
Repair of tympanic membrane (ear drum) perforation
Ear pain / earache
Ear drainage
Fluid in ears / otitis media
Ear wax and ear cleaning
Eustachian tube problems
Dizziness and vertigo
Meniere's disease
Ear trauma
Temporal bone fractures
Tonsil and adenoid enlargement or infection
Sleep apnea
Sore throat
Hoarseness and other voice problems
Difficulty swallowing
Chronic cough
Laryngopharyngeal reflux
Gastroesophageal reflux
Allergies - including allergy skin testing
Allergy shots
Nasal congestion / stuffy nose / difficulty breathing through nose
Nasal obstruction
Nasal blockage
Postnasal drainage
Sinus infection - acute and chronic
Endoscopic sinus surgery
Nasal polyps
Septoplasty for deviated septum
Turbinate reduction
Smell and taste disorders
Sinus pain
Nasal fracture
Head and neck cancer
Thyroid masses
Salivary gland disorders
Parotid gland masses
Neck masses
Facial paralysis / Bell's palsy
Skin cancer removal
Headache and facial pain
Facial trauma
Facial lacerations
Facial fractures


Dallas ENT
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